WatchHub Launches New Mobile Site For Christmas

Released on: November 20, 2012, 1:22 pm
Industry: Retail

Smart and Easy Shopping from your Smartphone or iPad isn't Just for the Gargantuan Shop Chains as Independent Retailers are Coming Out Fighting.

-- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Independent retailers are finding themselves rubbing shoulders with the big chains selling women’s, unisex, children’s and men’s watches as Robin Kamal, Co-Founder of, has noticed. “Thanks to the lower costs of creating a good looking and easy-to-use mobile site, we have a better chance of taking on the big stores.” In a world that seems to favour the larger online
retailers when making purchases by smartphone, it looks like independents have an ace up their sleeve.

Sales via mobile phones and tablet computers have sky-rocketed in last two years. A report by IMRG (Interactive Media in Retail Group) Capgemini in June this year stated that purchases via tablets and smartphones had shot up by 356% over a 12 month period. The IMRG has also published that the estimated value of the UK online retail market in 2012 will be £77bn, of which 20% will be online sales. This is an ever-growing area for retailers to explore, and up until now it's been a provision for larger companies.

Previously, the building of sites devoted to mobile sales has been incredibly expensive. Today, there are web marketing companies producing lower cost services, creating an opportunity for independents to get involved. Robin added, “we've been able to create a mobile site that has a coordinating look to our regular site. This is perfect for keeping our customer's trust. They feel confident this is still WatchHub, but just a more convenient way to buy men’s watches, or whatever watch it is they’re looking to buy.”

Convenience Is Key
Buying habits have changed. It's now far easier to make a purchase, no matter where you are. While the idea that 'mobile e-commerce' implies that we go shopping while we're out and about, the statistics tell a different story. Taken from IMRG data, 80% of people use their smartphones and tablets while watching TV. This tells us a lot about consumer habits, mainly that browsing, and consequently shopping, happens when we're relaxed. This is an incredibly important time for retailers, emphasising the fact that more purchases are made outside of business hours, and using mobile devices.

Smartphones and tablets are easy and fast to use, and a lot more convenient that waiting for a PC to boot up. Mobile e-commerce sites have to reflect this immediacy. For Robin, WatchHub's new mobile site has to deliver speed and smart, intuitive navigation. “It's all about making things easier for the customer. A good customer experience is essential. The mobile site still lets us show our full product range, such as our range of men’s watches, in a clear layout”

For many independent retailers, costs are often the deciding factor for any business decision. However, for Robin, having a dedicated mobile site is an essential spend for carrying the business into the new year and beyond. “WatchHub is a year old, and we're rebranding in the next six months. We could've launched our mobile site then, but we didn't want to wait.”

For WatchHub, it seems that they're all set for this rapidly growing online market. For more information about WatchHub, watch their YouTube video at visit their online store at, or take a look at their new mobile site at Alternatively, you can contact Robin on 020 8977 0010.