Pricing Nation Forecasts 0.64% Increase in Average Home Values Over Next 12 Months for Boston MSA

Released on: January 30, 2012, 11:43 am
Industry: Real Estate

-- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Pricing Nation Econometrics forecasts that the average home value in the Boston Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) will increase by 0.64% over the next twelve months. One of the biggest contributors to the slowdown of home price growth will be the decrease in wages across most counties.

A table with the top 10 biggest increases and decreases per average home value per zip code can be found below. The Pricing Nation Econometrics Heat Map (also below) visualizes how the average home prices will vary across zip codes in the Boston MSA. Pricing Nation Econometrics is a division of Pricing Nation LLC, and more information can be found at

As the “Most Reliable Real-Estate Forecasting Company,” we strive to consistently provide the most accurate, relevant, and transparent real-estate data. In fact, as of July 2012, our forecast results have been less than one point away from actual results as reported by Case-Shiller. Visit to access your free Neighborhood Report and consult a Home Investment Report Card with home value forecasts for your home.

About Pricing Nation
Pricing Nation is a home value forecasting company that provides reports for individual homes, zip codes, and Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs). Our regression based models were designed to ensure that home buyers and sellers are confident in one of the biggest investment decisions of their lives. Of particular note is that Pricing Nation's forecastshave consistently been less than one point away from actual changes in home values as reported by Case-Shiller. This is one more reason we are the “Most Reliable Real-Estate Forecasting Company.”

Visit us at for a free Neighborhood Report or to purchase a “Home Investment Report Card” today! For media inquiries, please contact Brian Ramirez at For sales inquiries, please contact

Pricing Nation currently covers the Boston MSA and is expanding its offerings to other cities in the near future.

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