Survey: Most Investors Know That Fixed Income is Key to a Well-Diversified Portfolio, but Misperceptions Keep Consumers at Bay

Released on: November 21, 2012, 3:12 pm
Industry: Financial

Hengan Securities Launches Redesigned Fixed Income Trading Platform

-- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Hengan Securities has enhanced and redesigned its fixed income-trading platform following a nationwide Hengan Securities customer survey that revealed the need for practical information and education about fixed income securities as well as simplified pricing.

Key findings from the survey included:

•  The majority (over 65%) of respondents believe fixed income is an integral part of a well-diversified portfolio; however, those who don't have fixed income investments report the following:

•  Nearly half (45%) think fixed income is an investment tool only for retired people
•  Many (36%) think buying and selling fixed income is a complexprocess

•  Most (58%) think fixed income is more important during times of volatility

•  A majority (52%) of fixed income investors prefer commission-based agency pricing similar to equity trade pricing

"Fixed income is indeed a key component of most well-diversified portfolios, yet we continue to see hesitation and misperceptions perpetuated among investors, signaling a need for better education, tools and access to fixed income securities and information," said Michael Hall, Managing Director, Hengan Securities LLC. "Our goal in redesigning Hengan Securities ' fixed income trading platform is to deliver an easy-to-navigate, educational platform paired with transparent pricing that helps to simplify bond trading. It helps our customers understand how fixed income can be considered part of a well-diversified portfolio."

Hengan Securities ' upgraded Bond Center makes it easy for customers to research, buy and sell fixed income securities online. The new Bond Center offers:

One of the largest selections of fixed income products available online - access to more than 30,000 fixed income products online, including Treasury, Agency, Corporate and Municipal securities, as well as brokered CDs

Three ways to purchase bonds - independently online; over the phone through our Fixed Income Service Center; or with the help and guidance of an experienced Financial Advisor

Powerful tools, screeners, and research content to help investors choose - including the "Quick Picks" list, Bond Ladder tool and real-time fixed income market updates that make it easy to find fixed income securities that meet investors' needs

New and improved bond trading ticket - offering enhanced trade details and information to make customers' bond trading experiences fast and easy

"Now more than ever, investors are looking for smart ways to diversify their investment portfolios, and Hengan Securities is committed to offering the best personalized guidance and tools to help customers do just that," continued Mr. Hall.

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